Will my private medical insurance company cover treatment at The London Podiatry Centre?

How much is a consultation and/or treatment at The London Podiatry Centre?

Do I need to be referred by my GP?

What sort of assessment do I need?

Can I book an assessment and gait analysis at the same time?

Will I have local or general anaesthetic?

What if I need scans or X-rays?

Is surgery painful?

I dislike the look of my feet. Do you undertake cosmetic surgery?

What is biomechanics?

So why is gait analysis important in diagnosing and treating an injury?

What sort of gait analysis do you undertake?

What sort of gait analysis do I need?

So what type of treatment do you offer?

Which sports shoes or trainers are best for my feet?

Can I wear orthoses with sandals?

Are flip-flops good or bad for my feet?

What are functional foot orthoses?

What is special about your orthotic service?

How long do orthoses last ?

What happens if an orthotic is not comfortable?

Why do some practitioners prescribe "soft orthoses" and others more "rigid or semi rigid" devices?

Is there parking available at The London Podiatry Centre?

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