Thank you for your amazing surgical skill, kindness and great music to operate by. The image is of me climbing Machu Picchu with my group a month after my surgery. I cannot thank you enough for helping me get literally back on my feet. I'm heading for the jungle in June thanks to you.

- - ML . Cryosurgery patient

I am delighted with the outcome of the surgery. The severe pain that I had for most of the time has gone. The sensation that I get is more of a pressure in the area, after walking for a prolonged time. That however will stop as soon as I rest. Having had the pain for over a year I am cautious not to overdo things - almost afraid that it might come back. I feel that I haven't pushed myself and am still wearing sensible shoes. I would certainly recommend Cryosurgery and of course your good self.

- - JM . Cryosurgery patient

I was having severe pain in the ball of my right foot which was causing me to experiment with walking in different ways. This in turn was affecting my knee and my back. Following the cryosurgery the pain has completely gone (although it is taking the toes longer to settle down to a new routine)

- - HM . Cryosurgery patient

I cannot recommend highly enough the Cryosurgery procedure I had on two occasions in 2015 at the London Podiatry Centre. First Mr McCulloch treated the largest neuroma in my left foot as, following diagnostic tests, this seemed to be the primary source of the pain. Several months later, although the pain was much reduced, I decided to return to have the second smaller neuroma treated. I am so glad I did, as 7 months later I am completely without any pain in this foot. I was treated by Mr McCulloch and his staff with a very professional though friendly manner throughout and am completely happy with the outcome.

- - CD . Cryosurgery patient

Cryosurgery has been amazing - the stabbing pain in my foot, which had been quite severe, literally stopped on the day I walked into Ron McCulloch's surgery to have the procedure done. Since then I've been completely pain-free and I can jog and dance again and go on long hikes! I can only recommend this to anyone who is suffering from this condition.

- - IJ . Cryosurgery patient

I just wanted to thank you and the team at the London Podiatry Centre. As you know, I had two Morton's neuroma's both on my left being larger and more problematic than the other. I had tried the conventional approach of steroid injections but I found the relief was only short-lived and it had the adverse effect of bruising and making the foot look like it was caving in. After visiting the clinic, I decided to go with the more conservative approach of having 'gait analysis', which showed me the problems with how I was walking....and then on to have cryotherapy on the larger neuroma. It has not all been straightforward, as I have had problems with this foot for a very long time and it was only diagnosed as Morton's neuroma and being flat footed in that foot, a couple of years ago. However, with your help and that of the team in relation to the cryotherapy and the ongoing help with the orthoses, my foot is infinitely more comfortable, I am walking without limping and I am much happier. Many thanks Ron....I hope my other neuroma behaves itself, but if it doesn't then I would have cryotherapy on that one also.

- RH . Cryosurgery patient

Thank you for your amazing surgical skill, kindness and great music to operate by. The image is of me climbing Machu Picchu with my group a month after my surgery. I cannot thank you enough for helping me get literally back on my feet. I'm heading for the jungle in June thanks to you.

- CG . Cryosurgery patient

I just wanted to let you know that after a hold-up with the Spanish Postal Service I have finally received my improved sandals, just in time for the heat! They look and feel wonderful and I’m so grateful to you guys, and Ken Hall. Please pass on my thanks.

- HL - gait analysis patient who purchased bespoke sandals

Thank you for calling to check on my progress a couple of weeks ago. I confirm that I am pain free and in addition, I can now report that carrying a back pack with a tent for an overnight in the hills has also been fine. I have got my distance back up to 10 miles a day and the cryosurgery was definitely the right choice for me. Thank you.

- CJ - Cryosurgery Patient

Arsenal FC have retained the services of The London Podiatry Centre for 25 years in relation to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of our players. The advanced gait analysis facilities at The Centre, combined with the expert knowledge of its practitioners, allows the physiotherapy team at Arsenal to obtain a detailed and truly objective understanding of the injuries or performance barriers which can make all the difference to our competitive edge. Time and again, we have been impressed by the detailed 3D analysis that The London Podiatry Centre provides. Such specific analysis allows us to expedite a tailored treatment plan, allowing for targeted and enhanced rehabilitation. Without hesitation, we recommend Ron and his team as the experts for analysis and treatment of lower limb pathology.

- Colin Lewin - Head of medical services

The various features of a gait disturbance can be complex and the exact nature of the problem/s often can’t be picked up by simple observation or examination, however, good a clinician one thinks one is. Ron McCulloch and his team at The London Podiatry Centre have developed a unique expertise of understanding musculoskeletal gait disturbance, having dedicated many years in trying to tease out the various components of the problem using detailed, objective gait analysis. The regular clinical use of formal gait analysis, where one’s walking is analysed in detail is long overdue and can be invaluable in the proper understanding of gait disturbance in patients and working out practical ways to help them that may not have otherwise been considered. Understanding Gait disturbance requires an open diagnostic mind as well as a multidisciplinary approach, involving various specialist doctors and therapists working closely together. Several of my patients have greatly benefited from Ron’s expert opinion and advice and similarly patients Ron has referred to me have been diagnosed with an underlying neurological problem, and two have recently required urgent spinal surgery.


"I have worked with Ron McCulloch and his team at The London Podiatry Centre for over 10 years. Their state of the art gait analysis facility has been invaluable in allowing for the rapid diagnosis of bio mechanical conditions and The Centre and its staff practise at the very highest level. I have no hesitation in recommending their service. “ Dr Ian Beasley MBBS, MRCGP, MSc, Dip Sports Med, FFSEM(UK) Club Doctor for West Ham United Football Club Former Head of Medical Ser...vices for the Football Association & Doctor to the England Senior Men's Team Sports Physician at The BMI Blackheath Hospital Medical advisor to The Royal Ballet Company.