I have had a painful verruca for over 5 years. My GP told me it would eventually go away, but it seems to be taking forever. Is there anything else I can do?

Verrucae are caused by a viral infection. It is true that in many instances, predominantly during childhood, they will disappear without treatment. However, in some cases, particularly when the infection is caught during later life, verrucae can become very chronic and difficult to resolve. The London Podiatry Centre offers a variety of treatments including cryosurgery, which is often effective.

For cryosurgery to work most successfully, the verruca would need to be debrided thoroughly using a scalpel. The treatment can be painful, as freezing often needs to be maintained for several minutes. The London Podiatry Centre therefore offers specialised local anaesthetic blocks, which result in the procedure being entirely pain-free. If cryosurgery is ineffective, then the London Podiatry Centre offers various types of surgical intervention, and this includes controlled-depth excision and full-thickness excision using plastic surgery techniques. For more information please contact the Centre.

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