Practitioners at the London Podiatry Centre treat the UKs elite professional footballers. As well as consulting for several Premiership football teams, the Centre provides specialist podiatric services for the England International Football Squad.

Footballers are unique athletes who commonly present with a range of foot and foot related conditions. Many injuries occur because of biomechanical imbalances which are discovered following in depth computerised gait analysis. Common afflictions treated at the Centre through non-surgical and surgical treatments include: nail conditions, hammertoes, neuromas, hallux rigidus, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathy.

Structurally compromised feet can also lead indirectly to conditions such as medial tibial stress syndrome, ilio-tibial stress syndrome, patella-femoral mall-alignment syndrome and back pain.

The London Podiatry Centre works closely with football boot manufacturers and its practitioners have met and consulted with leading manufactures such as Nike, to help optimise boot design. The Centre provides specific advice as to which boot is suitable for which player. Boot modifications are also undertaken and for the discerning player, fully customised boot manufacture can be arranged.

The Centre's Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, Mr McCulloch has operated on a number of elite international players, allowing them return to full sporting activity.

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