Scanning Technology

The London Podiatry Centre has several types of scanner to allow for precise 3D modelling of the foot and leg. It also makes extensive use of its state of the art diagnostic ultrasound scanner with which the vast majority of foot conditions can be diagnosed.


This technology is used to make medical orthotic devices to manage many types of different foot and leg condition. These virtual scans (they as so accurate that you can see prominent veins) are then used to make specialised supports and appliances (orthoses) for the foot and ankle. The technology is far superior to the conventional casting methods still used by most centres.


The London Podiatry Centre offers advanced on-site ultrasonic scanning technology. This type of scan allows the practitioner to see the internal structures of the foot in detail.

The technology allows the early recognition of arthritis which may not yet be visible on x-ray. Nerves, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments can all be seen clearly so that foot conditions are quickly and accurately diagnosed, without having to be referred to specialised x-ray centres.

Many types of specialised therapeutic injections are also administered using the scanner. The scanner can also be used to accurate anaesthetise nerves for surgery.


For information about the London Podiatry Centre's advanced gait analysis systems. Please see our gait analysis page for further information.

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