Nail conditions


Cold laser nail treatment is now offered at the Centre. Click Here for more information.


Ingrown toe nails are one of the most common conditions treated at the Centre. Surgery is relatively safe and effective, being undertaken on an outpatient basis. Often surgery can take place during their first consultation but patients are encouraged to contact the Centre first to discuss their problem.

If surgery takes place on the day of the first consult, then patients may not be able to drive home and should arrange appropriate transport.

The most common operation performed for ingrown toe nails involves the removal of wedges from the side of the nail. Phenol is then often applied so that the nail is permanently narrowed. This operation leaves no scar (in the absence of complications which are rare) and a perfectly normal looking nail.

In some cases phenol is not used and another procedure offered at the centre is called a "frost" procedure. Here the nail root is removed surgically and the incision is stitched. The healing time with this operation is slightly quicker than with phenol at about 2 weeks.

Sometimes the bone under the nail is enlarged and this is then removed surgically under local anaesthetic. This condition is called a subungual exostosis.


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