Toe problems

Many patients attend The London Podiatry Centre complaining of claw toes, hammer or mallet toes. Other conditions include overlapping toes, webbed toes and "cock up" toes. All of these deformities can be treated conservatively using such devices as custom silicone splints but usually, the only way to correct the deformity is by means of surgery. Most operations are performed under local anaesthetic with rapid recovery and return to work

Please visit our sister web site for more information as most corns form as a consequence of misshapen toes!

Before and After forefoot deformity surgery


Toe problems FAQ

What do you need to know about a hammertoe?

Where is the bend in a hammertoe?

Why is the joint nearest to the toenail called a mallet toe ?

Can a mallet toe cause a hammertoe?

Is there a way to fix a hammertoe?

How can I home treat my hammertoe?

What kind of surgery is needed to correct a hammertoe?

What are the risks of hammertoe surgery?

Is it possible to have a hammertoe?

What kind of toe problems can be solved with foot surgery?

What is a hammertoe?

Will my hammertoe go away?

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