Shin pain

Athletes of all standards often attend the Centre complaining of shin pain. The first step in the management is to obtain a diagnosis, as there are many causes for shin pain. The most common form of shin pain encountered at the Centre is known as medial tibial stress syndrome whereby the inside of the shin becomes tender due to inflammation between the junction of the muscles and bone. This condition is generally treated very effectively by means of biomechanical correction/orthotic therapy and focused rehabilitation based on gait analysis findings.

Other forms of shin pain can be due to stress fractures, compartment syndrome and muscle inflammation secondary to excessive tractional stress on muscles. All muscles of the lower leg insert into the foot and there is therefore a strong association between mechanical imbalances of the foot and the onset of shin pain.

When internal leg pressures elevate excessively during exercise, one can experience marked pain from a condition called compartment syndrome. This is treated in a variety of ways, following in depth assessment. Surgery is sometimes required to treat this condition. The Centre organises compartment pressure studies for the condition as required.

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